Where’s the Scoop? 4 Reasons You’ve Got to Find Out!

Chocolate Wasted at Where's the Scoop?

Johns Creek’s newest cafe, “Where’s the Scoop?” is serving up the most incredible, locally sourced daily creations, but you won’t find a scoop in the place – & we’re perfectly okay with that!

Here’s 4 reasons you need to make your way over to this scoop-less ice cream cafe:

Where's The Scoop?
Where’s The Scoop?

1. Local love

Where’s the Scoop? is about so much more than just rolled ice cream. Owners Zak & Zein’s vision was to open not just another sweet treats store, but establish a gathering place in the community.

Where's the Scoop?
Where’s the Scoop?

Located walking distance from Newtown Park & many surrounding neighborhoods, this cafe is quickly becoming a favorite destination for locals. The rustic + industrial decor is inviting & creates the perfect environment for get-togethers of any kind!

2. This is not your average ice cream (and not just because it’s rolled!)

All the creaminess at Where’s the Scoop? begins as locally sourced dairy from Mountain Fresh Creamery & Glo-Crest Dairy Farm, right here in Georgia. Knowing we were supporting local farmers , we felt really good about our decision to stop by!

Where's the Scoop?
Ice Cream with no scoop is an art form!

Not only is the cream all local, each base flavor (with choices of vanilla, Belgian chocolate, matcha, mango, or coffee!) has zero preservatives, zero additives & absolutely no gluten. They’re rich in flavor, but intentionally not overly sweet, so they pair perfectly with a variety of mix-ins like cookie dough, marshmallows or peach popping pearls.

3. More than just rolled ice cream

The amazing ice cream creations at Where’s the Scoop? could stand on their own, that’s for sure! But Zak & Zein did not stop there – we’re talking Ice Cream Tacos, Cookie Sandwiches, Bubble Tea, Hot Tea, Coffee, Iced Coffee, Mexican Hot Chocolate AND even ice cream pup cups for your pooch!

Where's The Scoop?
Bubble Tea at Where’s The Scoop?
Where's The Scoop?
Farm fresh, rolled ice cream TACO at Where’s The Scoop?

Seriously, we’re running out of reasons not to come here every day.


4. Events, events, events!

Need to host a meet & greet, birthday party, office party or girls night out? Where’s the Scoop? offers you the option to rent-out the whole cafe as a one-of-kind venue for your next gathering!

Or – if you have too many friends but still want Where’s the Scoop to be a part of your event – they even offer catering services!

Where's the Scoop? Interior
Simple, classic decor in Where’s the Scoop?
Where's the Scoop? Interior
Simple, classic decor in Where’s the Scoop?

We’re so glad Where’s the Scoop? found its home in Johns Creek! Make sure you pop-in for a treat next time you #visitjohnscreek!


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