Relax and Rejuvenate in Johns Creek – The Ideal Healthy Hideaway

Technology Park

Choosing a destination with the perfect blend of activity and relaxation can be a chore in its own right. But if you’re looking for fun without the souvenir of a few extra pounds or relaxation that won’t wear you out, you’ll find everything you need in Johns Creek.  

Staying fit while having fun could be called an art, but in Johns Creek, it’s as easy as arriving.  Your ultimate healthy hideaway starts with:

Jones Bridge Trail on the Chattahoochee River
Jones Bridge Trail on the Chattahoochee River

The Great(est) Outdoors

Fed by the world-famous Blue Ridge Mountains, the Chattahoochee river slices diagonally from the northeastern corner of Georgia before framing the western border with Alabama and eventually snaking its way down the Gulf.  

This “ancient river in a modern city” meanders through Johns Creek where it promotes a diverse wilderness and sportsman’s paradise.  

On a hike along the Chattahoochee river, you’ll encounter leaping rainbow trout, over 190 species of birds, and dazzling river views all while you spend a few calories and reconnect with the natural world. 

Hiking isn’t the only way to get around, of course. There’s always floating to be done on a river as well as biking beside it. And, for the anglers among us, plenty of places where you can freely drop a line!

Follow your natural excursion with:

Poke City
Poke City

Poké City – A Taste of Hawaii

What’s good for the body can be good for the brain, and what’s good for both can be nourishing to the spirit. At Poké City in Johns Creek, you can eat well, eat healthy, and try a taste of something new inspired by the fresh sea spray of the Hawaiian Islands.

A staple dish in native Hawaiian cuisine, Poké is traditionally served as raw, diced fish. But at Poké City, you’ll find a modern take on this classic meal.

Creating your own bowl starts with a base of rice or greens followed by your choice of protein including tuna, chicken, salmon, or even octopus. After that come the veggies and sauce followed by the endless add-ons. Poké burritos, acai bowls, cold pressed juices, and chilled kombucha round out the experience for an energizing (and truly healthy) taste of elsewhere.

Rooster's Johns Creek
Photo provided by Rooster’s of Johns Creek

Treat Yourself

At this point, you’ve behaved well enough. You’ve exercised, eaten well, and now you’ve earned a little R&R in the customary sense.

In Johns Creek, you’ll find a salon or spa on nearly every corner. Whatever ails you, finds its cure in Johns Creek.

Start with Rooster’s for grooming and shave, followed by La Vida Massage for some deep tissue attention, then off to Muse Salon and Spa for a new do and some extra beauty expertise.

Rest is part of a healthy life, right? There’s no shortage of it in Johns Creek.

Photo provided by Luv-A-Bowl

Treat Yourself Some More

Having put in all the hard work at the outset, you’ll want that little something extra to cement your good (but healthy) trip.  

For a decadent and nutritious treat, head to Luv-A-Bowl for a one-of-a-kind acai bowl and other frozen delights! Taking the frozen pulp of the much-lauded acai berry, Luv-A-Bowl then blends it and other fruits into a thick smoothie then tops it with even more good stuff.

Famous for its unparalleled antioxidants, the acai berry can be served in cold and warm bowls or blended in a smoothie for easy sipping. As beautiful as it is delicious, this filling snack will keep you coming back!

Hilton Garden Inn Johns Creek
Hilton Garden Inn Johns Creek

Rest Up

After flexing your best weekend warrior vibes, you’ll definitely want to be able to kick back in comfort. To accommodate your getaway, you’ll find three beautiful hotels perfect for ensuring that your Johns Creek stay is a luxurious one. With gourmet chefs on staff ready to help you keep your health goals on track and a bar serving coffee by day and libations by night, you’ll discover everything you need to find a well-balanced escape from the every day!

Technology Park
Technology Park

Stretch Your Legs, Not Your Waistline

Vacations are meant as getaways, a time for perspective and enjoyment. But taking the wrong kind of vacation can make things even harder when you return to reality.  

When you get a chance to step out of the daily routine, step out in Johns Creek. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you. 

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