Mural Mural on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of them All?

This Spring, the city of Johns Creek welcomes you to tour the unique attractions, events, and scenery of our city. One of our favorite parts? Our city’s unique and immersive murals. 

What began as beautiful installations of urban art to accompany the city’s features have now become destinations themselves. Visitors from all around travel to see the local works of art, which showcase the talent, creativity, and passion found right here in our community. The sun and creativity sure will shine as you explore the creative artwork of Johns Creek this spring. 

Underneath the Art 

The Johns Creek Tunnel is a vibrant walkway, covered floor to ceiling with geometric shapes and vivid colors, captivating those who walk through. The tunnel stretches about 130 feet along the Medlock Bridge Rd. and SR 141 underpass, with an entrance at 11695 Medlock Bridge Rd. The decorated tunnel serves a functional purpose for the city, connecting those staying in local hotels to more amazing eats and activities nearby.

Photo Courtesy: City of Johns Creek

The artwork is monumental for those in Johns Creek and beyond. It was completed in 2018 by international artist Hanif Kureshi, whose work is displayed around the globe, but the tunnel was his first piece completed in the United States. A vast array of linguistic symbols and letters are included in the tunnel’s design, representing the diversity of Johns Creek’s past and present. This one-of-a-kind immersive tunnel is a must-see for visitors when in Johns Creek.

Fun Fact: If you stand at the eastern entrance of the tunnel, the mural will appear in the shape of a heart and a peace sign!

A Front Row Seat

There’s definitely a seat for you at this mural! The Everyone Has A Seat At The Creek mural invites visitors to “have a seat” in one of the six distinctly decorated chairs. The mural represents many special aspects of Johns Creek, with chairs representing the historical bridges of Johns Creek, Georgia as a peach state, the cultural diversity in our city, the exceptional schools, the loving community, and lastly a chair dedicated to cancer survivors. Additionally, a pair of wings was painted in the bottom corner of the mural, made to give small children and pets a spot at the table! The mural was added to Newtown Park in 2020 and has been visited non-stop ever since. 

Photo Courtesy: City of Johns Creek

The Seat at the Creek Mural was created by Kelsey Montague, a renowned street art artist with interactive pieces all over the country and founder of the #WHATLIFTSYOU movement. Kelsey’s murals are unique and always designed to involve social media, encouraging the uplifting and inclusive message of her designs to be spread even further around the world. With every photo taken at the mural shared with the hashtags #SeetheCreek and #WhatLiftsYou, visitors become a part of the mural’s creative and colorful design themselves!  

Bridges to the Past

A long, long time ago, before Johns Creek evolved into the thriving, busy city we all know today, the city served a different, but equally important purpose. Johns Creek was the home of six prominent bridges built by local Native Americans to transport goods across the Chattahoochee River more efficiently, a critical part of the city’s history. 

Photo Courtesy: Clay Gridley, Six Bridges Brewing Company

The Six Bridges of Johns Creek mural can be found on the entrance wall of the Six Bridges Brewing Company taproom. When father and son duo Charles and Clay Gridley approached the Johns Creek Planning Commission with their business venture, it was smooth sailing from there. Joan Compton, president of the Johns Creek Historical Society, painted the mural to honor the history of the area and the Native Americans that inhabited it. Joan’s passion for preserving and sharing the stories of the city’s past is poured into the painting. The mural depicts the six separate bridges alongside other crucial elements of the area’s past. The hope of the mural is to educate visitors of the brewery about the rich history of Johns Creek while enhancing the walls of the brewery. Murals like these represent the local love for history and the passion for preserving it continuously through small businesses, establishments and venues in Johns Creek. 

Spend a spring afternoon at the brewery and see the mural; sounds like the perfect plan to us!

These murals hope to capture the inclusive and loving spirit of our community. This spring, we urge you to explore the activities, dining, arts and more that flood the city of Johns Creek. Take photos throughout your time visiting the murals and share them using #VisitJohnsCreek, #JohnsCreekTunnel, and #SeetheCreek to help spread the message of the murals, that there is a place for everyone in our community! 

Come and see us soon, we’re saving a place for you! 

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