Johns Creek Tunnel Mural Goes Multi-Color

Johns Creek Tunnel - Blue Lights

Just when you thought the Johns Creek Tunnel couldn’t possible get any cooler – it goes technicolor! 

The Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCCVB) will unveil color-changing lights at the Johns Creek Tunnel after dark starting on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Johns Creek Tunnel - Blue Lights
The Johns Creek Tunnel Lights

The lights are the latest installment of JCCVB’s Tourism Product Development project to enhance the pedestrian underpass beneath Medlock Bridge Rd./SR 141. The east entrance of the tunnel is located near street address 11695 Medlock Bridge Rd.

“The color-changing lights give us a unique attraction we can market year-round,” says Lynda Smith, JCCVB Chairwoman. Illuminated by white LED lights during the day, the Johns Creek Tunnel will take on a different look after dark and has the ability to change colors throughout the year. “You might see orange on Halloween or red and green for the holidays. The colorful lights will give visitors a new perspective of the tunnel each time they walk though,” says Smith.

The Johns Creek Tunnel is vibrant day and night. 

The Johns Creek Tunnel was one of the City’s first Tourism Development Projects in Johns Creek, Georgia. “The mural has transformed an average walkway into a destination all it’s own,” says Shelby Marzen, JCCVB Executive Director. “The tunnel is located walking distance to the hotels in Johns Creek and is frequently used by business and leisure travelers to access nearby restaurants and shops. The tunnel plays a role in improving the visitor experience for overnight guests,” says Marzen.

Phase one of the mural was completed on April 21st, 2018 by internationally esteemed artist, Hanif Kureshi of New Delhi, India. The Johns Creek Tunnel is his first work completed in the US.

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