Secret Garden Tour in Johns Creek this Spring

Consider this your backstage pass to explore Johns Creek.

The Secret Gardens of Johns Creek tour takes you into some of the city’s most beautiful private gardens. On May 6th from 9am to 5pm, Johns Creek Beautification invites you to this go-at-your-own-pace driving and walking tour through six private residence gardens and Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. 

Each stop will be a spectacle of buds and blooms and will also feature live music or visual artists showcasing their skills. Find a full list of artists and performers here

Have a question about the garden during your visit? Knowledgeable volunteers will be available at each garden to answer any and all of your questions.  

Garden passes are available on Johns Creek Beautification’s website here. This tour has sold out in the past and they expect it to sell out again. 

Proceeds from the tour support the work of Johns Creek Beautification’s projects including the purchase of public art for the city and to support a massive, citywide, daffodil planting effort to raise awareness of cancer survivorship through JCB’s partnership with CanCare and to honor our veterans by planting daffodils near The Wall That Heals in Newtown Park.

For more information, visit Johns Creek Beautification’s website:

See you in the Secret Gardens! 

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