A City of Many Cultures: Celebrating Diversity in Johns Creek

Nestled away in the northeastern corner of Atlanta’s Fulton County lies the flourishing suburban city of Johns Creek. The energetic urban area of Johns Creek is recognized for its accredited schools, educational opportunities, recreational amenities such as parks and trails and the strong sense of community that saturates the city. Ultimately, the city’s steadfast commitment to inclusivity and diversity helps set it apart from others. Since its formation in 2006, the area’s demographic landscape has spanned far and wide to encompass a range of ethnicities, languages and traditions. As the 9th most diverse small city in the U.S., Johns Creek is home to families from all corners of the world. Follow along with us as we celebrate the unique identities that shape the city of Johns Creek. Use #coloryourweek to share your vibrant experiences at the immersive art experiences, flavorful international eateries and lively celebrations and festivals within our city’s limits.

Photo Courtesy: City of Johns Creek

Worldwide Artistry
Why just look at an art piece depicting the diversity of John’s Creek’s past and present when you could be a part of one? International artist Hanif Kureshi has invited viewers to participate in his piece ever since he completed his mural enhancing the 130-foot-long tunnel along the Medlock Bridge Rd. and SR 141 underpass in 2018. With artwork featured across the globe, the Johns Creek Tunnel was Kureshi’s first project completed in the U.S., making the project’s home here in Johns Creek significant for many residents. The tunnel’s vibrant geometric design includes letterforms from languages and cultures of Johns Creek’s historical and present-day multicultural makeup. Visitors can immerse themselves in this remarkable piece that serves as a testament to the rich history and diversity that inspires our community. 

Photo Courtesy: City of Johns Creek

This frequently visited artwork saves a seat for everyone. Created by Kelsey Montague, a world-renowned street artist, the mural encapsulates the vibrant community and plentiful achievements of Johns Creek. The Everyone Has A Seat At The Creek mural pictures six decorated chairs side by side, each representing a special facet of the John’s Creek community. The rich history, identity, diverse culture, educational achievements and loving community of Johns Creek are all creatively illustrated with details specific to each pillar of the city’s identity. The sixth chair of the mural is dedicated to the Daffodils4Hope project and is accompanied by a small set of wings for little ones and pets to join the interactive piece. Visitors can pose in a seat at the mural and share their photos with the #WHATLIFTSYOU and #Seethecreek to spread the uplifting message of Kelsey’s interactive creations around the world!

The Johns Creek Arts Center plays an important role in uniting our community by harnessing the true power and influence of the arts. By partnering with local non-profit organizations, schools, and more, the center takes initiative to ensure the citizens of Johns Creek have equal and ample access to art within the community. The facility’s dedication to preserving and highlighting Johns Creek’s multicultural makeup is a source of inspiration for residents and visitors alike. All year long, visitors can tour the galleries to see a variety of exhibits representing different cultures, languages, and experiences from around the world. The latest exhibit, Hallyu: A Celebration of Korean Art, was on display from May 8-10, free of charge for visitors wanting to peruse the artistic accomplishments of local artists. Hallyu, a term that translates to Korean Wave, is used to describe the recent worldwide rise in popularity of Korean culture. Johns Creek and the metro Atlanta area are both home to a large Korean population and in turn, home to many Korean and Korean American artists. The exhibit honors traditional styles of Korean art as well as modern multimedia works presented in a range of styles and materials. 

Past exhibits such as Representation: We Are Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams, showcase the recent creations of local African American artists. The collection includes incredible photography, digital art, sculptures, paintings and poems of local artists who helped to document the history and perseverance of African American culture both in and around Atlanta. Additionally, one of many revolving exhibits displaying the work of local artists is De Colores. On display throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, the exhibit is a collection of art created by local Latinx artists. From oil and acrylic paintings on canvas to photography, mixed media pieces and silkscreens, this collection showcases the diverse talents of Latinx artists in Johns Creek. The arts play a vital role in documenting the history of our city and the different cultures within our city limits, but these exhibitions also serve as inspiration for visitors of all ages and demographics. The Arts Center provides a valuable experience for visitors to be able to recognize their cultures and backgrounds among the many contemporary exhibits displayed on the walls of the Johns Creek Arts Center. 

These murals, exhibits and artworks are just some of the colorful, creative ways we strive to showcase our community’s vibrant atmosphere. With talented artists drawing inspiration from various countries around the world, Johns Creek offers an abundance of creativity to be discovered. Next time you visit the city, set aside some time to explore these works of art and so much more!

International Flavors
With over 125 restaurants serving authentic international cuisine from 25 different countries, Johns Creek stands apart with its vast variety of fare. As a multicultural melting pot of flavor, every meal in Johns Creek is colorful and unique. We invite you to fill a plate with the vibrant essence of our international community, whether it’s fresh sashimi and seaweed salad, fluffy samosas and basmati rice or a seafood platter and freshly grilled plantains, and take your tastebuds around the world without ever leaving town. 

Source: @99kchickenandpizza Instagram

Start your journey in East Asia with favorites from Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, like Korean BBQ, fresh sushi and bubble tea. At Ari Korean Steakhouse, enjoy high-quality meats prepared with traditional Korean techniques in an elegant atmosphere, or grab Korean-style pizza and wings from 99 K-Chicken and Pizza. For perfectly prepared sushi rolls, don’t miss Sushi Mio, the only place to try a “Johns Creek Roll” or Daisuki Sushi Izakaya, known for its colorful rolls and other authentic Japanese dishes. No culinary trip to Asia is complete without a noodle dish or two. Le Mekong offers piping hot Pho and refreshing Vermicelli, while you’ll find pad Thai and drunken noodles at Thai Squared. Of course, stop by Ding Tea afterward for a sweet milk tea treat to wash it all down.

Source: @persianbasketatlanta Instagram

Next, head south for a range of spicy, zesty dishes you can only find in India. With perfectly prepared classics like butter chicken, tikka masala and paneer, plus an extensive selection of Indian bakery items like Parotta, Naan and Roti, Aachi’s is a must-try. Or, branch out at Biryani Pot, specializing in Hyderabadi Biryani, one of India’s most popular dishes. From there, make one final stop before leaving Asia, in Persia. Noosh’s casual atmosphere and kebab selections like Koobideh, Barg and Soltani are sure to satisfy for lunch or dinner, while Persian Basket offers an exquisite fine dining atmosphere and perfectly seared cuts of lamb, duck and salmon. 

From there, hop on over to Europe for a taste of the Mediterranean and, of course, some unbeatable homemade Italian. Visit Rose and Olives for the very best of the Mediterranean here in Johns Creek. With flatbreads, Gyros and wraps for mains and quintessential apps like falafel, hummus and tzatziki, the menu is everything you could want and more in terms of European coastal flavors. When it comes to Italian, you can’t go wrong with pizza. Both Angelos and Napoli 1 Pizza are known for their handcrafted slices. If you’re looking beyond just pizza, check out Cibo & Vino, an Italian cafe and wine bar praised for its stacked sandwiches, or venture out to Altobeli’s, where the live piano entertainment is second only to the incredible selection of pastas, salads and appetizers. 

Events and Cultural Affairs
Throughout the year, the residents and community members of Johns Creek celebrate dozens of international holidays and festivals, and you’re invited. A few times a year, parks and venues around the city transform into something reminiscent of streets from countries like China, India and the Mediterranean, bursting with enticing aromas and exotic sounds.
The festivities kick off at the beginning of the year during a celebration of Lunar New Year, marking the start of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar and one of the Asia’s biggest festivals all year. In Asia, lion and dragon dance, temple fairs and flower market shopping are some common ways to celebrate. Here in Johns Creek, you’ll be able to shop international vendors, witness traditional dances and, of course, indulge in many Asian delicacies from local restaurants. 

Source: City of Johns Creek

Each May, Heisman Field bursts to life with colorful foods, festivities and flair from around the globe just in time for the Johns Creek International Festival, the biggest event of the year. Indian, Latin, Mediterranean and Asian cultures are all on display in various ways throughout the fest. Plus, the unique Global Marketplace offers visitors a chance to shop quality, one-of-a-kind crafts, art and merchandise from around the world. 

Source: City of Johns Creek



To close the year, we celebrate India’s iconic festival of lights at Diwali Festival. Known for its symbolic meaning as “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance” in India, Diwali consists of ceremonies, light displays and prayer sessions. Our Diwali Festival features a DJ, traditional performers and a deluge of food and retail vendors.

Source: City of Johns Creek


From art to food to festival, there’s no lack of immersive multicultural experiences around Johns Creek to color your week with. Whether you try a new food on your lunch break, make weekend plans to attend a festival or admire the works of a local international artist, embracing the many multicultural identities of Johns Creek’s community is the best way to get to know our city. 


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